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Christmas Science Gifts For Kids

If your child loves to tinker and experiment, the perfect gift could be a a book full of ideas for fun experiments to try. However, we’ve encountered a few duds in this department where the instructions are incorrect or too complicated, or both. Puzzles are a favorite in our family, and you can find lots of fun puzzles that make great science gifts for kids. The Snap Circuits SC-300 kit allows kids to learn about creating their own circuits without having to use a soldering iron. Snap circuits sets are literally like LEGOs for electronic circuits. The pieces snap together and the set includes easy color coded instructions for each of the 300 electronic projects in this kit.

There is a time and place for a little zoning out, of course, and parents don’t complain too much about a few hours of quiet while the kids are placated with zombies or candy gems. But, of course, there are better and more productive ways to whittle away the hours, too. I’m a mom of four, a Certified Parent Educator, and the author ofHappy You, Happy Family. I believe if you want a loving parent-child relationship that will last into the teenage years and beyond, the time for nurturing that kind of relationship isnow.

Some items, like clever chemistry Crayon labels or periodic table blocks, have an educational twist. While others, like an Albert Einstein action figure or molecule necklace, will let you wear your love of science proudly for the world to see. Or, if you like to combine scientific studies with edible treats you’ll want to check out cookie cutters that will have you baking cute lab beaker cookies in no time.

We’ve selected highly reviewed and recommended options and separated our choices by interest and age. So go ahead, mix it up, challenge, and inspire young minds through educational play. The internet is full of fun and geeky gifts aimed at adults who love science and technology. This post is a great place to start, but if the topics or products here don’t meet your needs , we hope the type of gift ideas here will lead you to the right answer for the science geek in your life. It’s fun to make, create, and mix things up, and of course, all kids love to get their hands dirty.

Because that makes for a much more enjoyable life than going through your days as a grumpy curmudgeon who’s shut your brain off to learning anything new past the age of 12. Kids don’t have to slog through a textbook, re-reading the same paragraph five times just to understand 70 percent of it. When kids are having fun learning, they don’t have time to fuel the self-fulfilling prophecy that they’ll never “get” it.


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